Friday, 18 April 2014 20:00

Festival 'hip hop' for peace will be held on September 25

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With presentations by national and international artists, guest speakers and cultural activities the festival for Peace Hiphoppas the outdoor theater of the Media Torta be taken on 25 September. attendance of 3,500 people are expected. Some of the renowned singers who will attend are Midras Queen of Bogota, Ras Jahonnan of Cali, Medellin and AFAZ Natural Marrom Fernandez and Venezuelan Akapellah. In addition to these presentations, youth cultural center of the Ayara Family that year and a half were formed as managers of peace, make artistic interpretations.  

The event is an initiative of the Ayara Family, artistic and social foundation, supported by the Swedish-Norwegian Fund.

The festival will feature the participation of 12 local artists who compete against each other in a debate of rap. The goal is to get in the other's shoes, so randomly choose what position he will be playing defend each person.

Participants will have a minute to think about what they mean. But it is from the Tour rap that starts tomorrow in Barrios Unidos, where he will be selected to performing at the festival, which is the closure of the two weeks of activities, hiphoperos for peace ahead today. On September 25 entry is free for everyone.

The idea of musical discussions began four years ago, to build culture through art. The methodology is developed in public parks in the city, where people can register.