Kendrick Lamar, the musical phenomenon of the moment

When the night went to the Grammy Awards ceremony last Monday between sweetened presentations of The Weeknd, Adele, Taylor Swift, Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood, and endearing, as a tribute to Lionel Richie, present knew that soon there would be a pump, a statement of inconvenient truths: Kendrick Lamar and would go up on stage to sing.

And as such, rapper 28 unleashed his wrath appeared wearing a prison uniform, shackled hand and foot to four more prisoners, all black leather. The sound of the links, amplified, deafened all the Staples Center, Los Angeles. So today, when racial conflicts jump to news daily in the US, it is a slap of reality to the country.

Every second, the presentation of Lamar was thunderous, electric and powerful. A campfire in the tablado tribal painted a picture. Then the gloom created on stage was interrupted with 'flashazos' stroboscopic. When he finally came silence, an image is projected in the background: the map of Africa and in the center, written the word 'Compton', the Californian city that is a node in the history of rap and 'hip hop'.