Download 'hip hop' without borders

After touring several Latin American countries, comes this Sunday at Teatro Royal Center Bogotá International Hip Hop Festival Without Borders, one of the most important events of its kind on this side of the continent.

For this debut in our country, headed by the Habeatat producer, the lineup includes artists from Spain, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Colombia.

Precisely, one of the most prominent representatives of this musical universe is the Rapsusklei Spanish, also known as the 'Child of the jungle', who has more than 30 productions throughout his career, which began in the early 90.


Reggae dyes are also part of the repertoire. Venezuela's quota will be in charge of canserbero recognized in that country as one of the most important rappers, and RMS, which stands out for its ability to freestyle or improvisation. Dominican Republic will be present with Black HP, in the urban world famous for songs like Go with me, hip hop and Sangrando Call him. This artist is part of the so-called new generation of Latin American hip hop.

And the hosts of the festival Without Borders artists are Yoky Barrios, who this year released her public work, and Delirium Tremenz, bogotano group since its inception in 2007, it has changed names twice and has represented the country in events as important as the Paris Hip Hop (France, 2008).